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No idea if I'm repeating myself here, but this needs to be written down somewhere even if nobody reads it, and I don't think anyone's reading this blog.
I love the holidays, or at least, I love the way I do the holidays. I don't even feel I have to temper my enjoyment of them with the usual complaints, because frankly, it's the tradition of these complaints that bothers me.
People say Christmas is too commercial. OK, so exactly how commercial would you like it? How much is too much and can you do anything about it? Here's how I cope. First, all my shopping is done on-line. No crowds, no annoyed people or store workers to bother, it's all good. Advertising? As long as I've been aware of Christmas, there's been advertising. It doesn't bother me. Many times the things they advertise are things I know I can't afford or whatever so I can easily let them go past me instead of letting them eat at me which is apparently what everyone else but I do.
Christmas has lost its meaning. OK, can you name the particular year that this meaning was lost? When in the vague and shady past did it have meaning, and honestly, why does meaning matter as long as you enjoy what you're doing? If you complain that it has lost its meaning, could you state specifically and exactly what you want? It sounds like to me that Christmas does not have meaning unless everyone comes to an agreement on a singular one, namely whatever you think yours is. I think like anything, we all give it our own meaning, there isn't one little one waiting under a rock for everyone to stumble upon and decide is the true and right one.
Christmas should be about family or being together, not presents. This depends. Do you like being around your family? Does your family like being around you? And is it just togetherness in and of itself that's important or is it about what you're doing while you're together. You can't just enjoy sitting or standing around as a group just kind of staring at one another. The presents are important, too, because you are showing your appreciation for your family or other people. The food is also important, because usually the particular foods and the particular amounts of them are in most cases out of the ordinary and are also in some cases traditional.
Let's harken back to the kvetching about commercialism. How many people would willingly give up all gifts, special meals, and other Christmas activities that involved spending money in place of a very spare day where nothing much really happens. I mean, this is a reality for some people who don't have family or friends to be with or can't afford stuff. I'm talking about the people who can afford stuff and yet complain. How much of the trappings would they give up.
We should be nice and give gifts and stuff every day, why just at Christmas. Simply because these activities break the routine of working or school or just mundane domestic stuff. If you gave gifts or feasted or did whatever every day, then it wouldn't be special, it'd be commonplace and you'd have to do even more to break the routine. Why not enjoy things as they are instead of wishing your life away over things you can't have or that is impossible.
Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I don't understand certain realities of life or emotions or something. I await the accusations, the defensive remarks, but it's what I think. What should you do? One simple thing. Relax and take what little or much enjoyment you can, that's all, and you don't even have to do it my way to be right.
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Seriously... People are reading! Besides that however, I agree with you! I also think that the Christmas holiday is what you make of it, it isn't as if you have to give into the commercial part... On a side not however, can we smack whoever came up with the JCPenney marketing campaign? most, annoying, ads, ever! LOL! This is not about whining about how commercial Christmas has become; but were even the classic commercials as annoying? Diddo on the shopping online thing. I am realizing more and more that I really would much rather avoid having to go shop in the store if I can help it. Then, I can truly enjoy my holiday traidtions, even if it's just baking a lot of yummy and sweet care packages for people and sending them away. :-)


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