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Hang onto your seats, boys and girls, this is going to be an intense ride and I'm sure you will be shocked and amazed. Yepperoo, it's shock and awe right up in this blog. And now, the most incredible revelation you'll ever hear.
I do not hate my fellow blind people.
That's it, that's right, not a one of them, no matter how many flaws and foibles and whatever they have, I do not hate them because they are blind and displaying their imperfect personalities. I might dislike them as people if they are assholes or psychic vampires or find pleasure in character assassination, but it is not their blindness that forces them to do this against their will, or if they were fully sighted somehow they'd be better people. Nope, blind people are blind, that's all. Otherwise there are good and bad ones, just like sighted people, and in fact, since we've got more sighted people on the planet total, there's much more potential for them to be good or bad. I say this because I know some people who complain about other blind people as if it is their blindness that is responsible for their personality or treatment of others. I've heard it said, for example, "I hate blind people who are always negative and complain about stupid shit." OK, fine, but I, um, dislike all people who are like this, not just the blind ones. No, I'm not buying the idea that since you don't see sighted people do this or that, they must not do it, therefore their sightedness makes them more civilized and better people. Now, put the way I put it, doesn't it seem ridiculous? Well doesn't it? Now granted, I don't see myself making friends with other blind people simply for being blind. Nope, don't work that way. I know plenty of blind people I have little in common with. But I'll say this. I do not hate you for being blind. I might be indifferent to you or if you show traits I dislike I might dislike you, but I do not hate, if we mean hatred by the word hate. But also, if you were sighted or had other disabilities, conditions, situations, whatever, and you displayed the particular traits I disliked, you would not get a free pass for representing the majority.


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