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Imagine this conversation. It could be between two people or more, I'm not going to indicate who's speaking, save for putting things on separate lines.

Wow, what a sad world we live in. Did you look at the news?
Yeah, things are pretty sad anymore.
Isn't it sad how sad things are, that things just aren't as ideal as I wish they were?
Yep, pretty sad all right. Everything's just sad.
I think somebody should do something about it, try to make things better, y'know?
Yep, somebody oughta do something. Do you think aliens will save us?
Aliens? Are you serious? No such thing as aliens!
OK, what about the angels?
I haven't quite worked out whether there are angels or not.
You're not giving me much hope here, I mean, somebody has to do something.
Oh I agree, something just has to happen. Hey look, a star. Shall we wish upon a star?
Wait a minute, what? This isn't Disney. We're grown-ups, we all know wishes don't make things so.
OK, but who's going to do something about the sick sad world we all live in?
I dunno, but I do know we need to do something.
Hold on, we?
Yes we! If aliens can't help us and angels can't, and we can't wish upon stars and I doubt the government will help as they're too busy contributing to all the crap to save us from it, we have to do something.
Um, maybe later. I mean, I suppose I could do something, but I dunno what, but I think my wife told me the cat needed polishing or something, yeah, polishing, that's it.
Um, did you just tell me the cat needed polishing?
Did I say cat? I mean cabinet! The China cabinet needs a polishing.
Oh go on, you don't expect me to do anything about everything, I've got all these books to read and I think the wife is roasting a chicken.
So, what we gonna do?
I dunno, whatcha wanna do?
OK, now you're quoting the Jungle Book, this is ridiculous!
But somebody has to ...
We'll leave these folks to try and carry the woes of the world on their shoulders. Good for them for thinking about considering trying to change things though. Otherwise, try and be happy and have a good day, despite everything!
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