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People seem to have a tendancy to react to any behavior they don't understand or agree with by acting as if they are brand new symptoms and signs of everything falling apart or some such thing, saying things like "this is what society has come to" or "the world has gone crazy." Funny thing, you try to get people to pinpoint at what point in history was everything all good and golden and people will hem and haw and be vague about themselves. Y'know what? It's always been this way. There's always been rude and crazy and violent behavior, but now that anyone with a camera on their person on a phone or any other tech can be a journalist and with social media and other tech, we can report every single incident that happens. I bet back when there was just radio and telephones and such, people weren't any better than they are now, but a lot of crap went unreported because it was thought nobody cared. Now that we know not only that reporting behavior not considered polite or normal will get a reaction but if shown on TV will make revenue for TV stations, everything is reported and people seem to want to see it.
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crummyvision: This is a picture of me, and I believe this was taken at a restaurant. (Default)

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