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Tragedy happened, somebody has to do something! But what? I dunno, but it's tragedy, and people are hurting and dying, and somebody has to act. OK, how do we act. I dunno, but if we all would do something, something will be done. Aren't you moved by the tragedy? Don't you want to do something? Well, yeah, I suppose. Where did it happen. In France! In France! OK, so you're telling me about a tragedy that you think I can fix, in France? Yes, you need to be aware! Why? Because it's important to be aware anytime people suffer and die because it's wrong and something needs to be done! I give up. But-but-but it's an important world problem and it's more important than your selfish desire for an iPhone. But I can do something about getting an iPhone, I can't do something about some tragedy in France. You can be aware! You can care! You can grieve with the families of the dead! Am I a telepath? I mean, will these people I'm supposed to be grieving with and caring about know this and feel it? Oh, details, details, that's not important. It is most important to feel the right feelings and to think about the right things, because it's important! OK, now I really give up.
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crummyvision: This is a picture of me, and I believe this was taken at a restaurant. (Default)

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