Nov. 7th, 2013

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This is not about the Tap Tap See situation specifically but about the reactions surrounding it. Let me see if I can diagram these reactions out.
1. This company is going to start charging for their services. Some people do not like this and I thought they were within their rights to express their discontent. I am not at liberty to assume why such people are not content with this until I know their side of the story. However, read on!
2. Bbeing blind means it is bad to complain for unspecified but very important reasons. So being blind is bad or complaining is bad. If you complain, expect for other blind people to complain about you because you're complaining. They will also assume that you want everything for free since you don't like it that one company is charging for one thing, because one thing equals everything if you don't understand it or don't like it. The middle ground does not exist and even suggesting there is one will get you kicked out of the blind community forever! You ahve been warned! I must repeat, if you complain about one thing, it is actually about everything.
3. it is wrong to feel entitled and it is wrong to complain for reasons that are important but are just to be universally understood, never explained. Also, complaining about complaining specifically by and about blind people and nobody else is completely acceptable behavior which will never be called to question or judged. You are the saviour of your own and therefore all the reputations of all blind people by complaining about blind people complaining. Continue this loudly and at great length and you shall be truly gods among men.
4. There is a chance that it is possibly safe to assume that if a sighted person made similar complaints, they would not be taken to such great task for they own and run this world, therefore everything they do is right even if it is wrong. However, blind people must always watch every aspect of their behavior for if one of us is observed acting imperfectly and displaying human foibles, the entire population of the planet who are sighted and watching us constantly will get a bad impression and it will ruin all things for all blind people everywhere. Each and every blind person carries the entire reputation of all blind people on their shoulders, and we are the only ones charged with this. Remember, only sighted people are individuals because they are sighted and they let us live begrudgingly so they can help us cross the street and get heavenly brownie points. All of what I have said above is absolutely and entirely reasonable and should be continued until the heat death of the universe.


crummyvision: This is a picture of me, and I believe this was taken at a restaurant. (Default)

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