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Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
I am an Earth resident. I consider myself kind of a square peg, eccentric, non-joiner-type person. What others think, well, maybe they're too scared to say. Hahahahahaha! I've got varried tastes in tunes, plus I read science fiction and horror and a bit of fantasy. Old-time radio and other archival radio stuff is another hobby of mine. Read my journal at risk of confusion, bafflement and/or amusement.

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absurdity, agnosticism, anne mccaffrey, anti-censorship, anything comedy and novelty, beatles, being agnostic, being different, bewitched, blind, blindness, blues, brian eno, casio keyboards, cbs radio mystery theatre, cds, celtic, celtic music, chocolate, christopher moore, classic cartoons, classic jazz, classic tv comedies, coffee, collecting interesting audio of all sorts, collecting movies, collecting talking clocks, cool and strange music, dean koontz, discworld, douglas adams, dr. demento, dresden files, electric light orchestra, elvira's movie macabre, emerson lake and palmer, experimental, film crew, found sound, frank zappa, free expression, free speech, genesis, harry potter, internet audio, japanese monster movies, jethro tull, klaus schulze, lost in space, low-budget sci-fi movies, mellotrons, mochas, monster movies, monty python, moog synthesizers, mp3s, mst3k, mystery science theater 3000, negativland, nonconformity, not being conservative, not being liberal, offbeat humor, old electronic music, old time radio, old-time radio, otr, outer limits, outsider, parody, peter gabriel, pink floyd, playing on the internet, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, questioning society, quirkiness, radio station jingles, rifftrax, sarcasm, satire, skepticism, sliders, star trek, stephen king, suspense, sword of truth series, synergy, talking gadgets, tangerine dream, terry goodkind, the harry potter series, the national cynical network, the original batman series, theremins, twilight zone, venting, vintage electronic music, winamp, xanth, yamaha keyboards, yes
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