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Yeah, and this isn't a blindie-type post for once, but this satire reflects a certain world view some folks I know at least seem to suggest.

If I ran the show,
If I ruled the world,
It would be a world where everyone knew exactly what was right and what was wrong,
It would be run by a system of absolutes only.
Absolute punishment,
Absolute reward,
Of course, the more personally outraged I would be by the behavior, the crueller and more unusual the punishment would be.
After all, they deserve it.
Everyone would be completely responsible for their own success or failure.
If a person is foolish or wreckless and they hurt themselves, it is obvious that they brought it on themselves and deserve their suffering.
I would decide who succeeds and who fails,
who lives comfortably and who suffers,
Who marries and who remains forever alone,
Who lives and who dies,
All in the name of simple, unambiguous morality that would never change, ever.
Wouldn't that be a nice place to be?
Of course, I would never, ever run afoul of my laws because I know I'm such a good and moral person I just would never do anything stupid or criminal.
Everybody else needs my guidance and wisdom, because everyone else is stupid and amoral,
Not like me,
Oh, and maybe if I really like you I might cut you a break.
But everybody else, watch out, do as you're told, and always obey the laws, or else!


crummyvision: This is a picture of me, and I believe this was taken at a restaurant. (Default)

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