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I'm sure many of you have already downloaded, heard, and acted upon these compilations I've done, but this is in case you haven't. I made some compilations of music I found here and there. Used to do that all the time in the days of the double cassette boombox and even before when I had only a stereo with a turntable and cassette and had to do each one by scratch. Of course, those comps were limitted either to anything that could be found commercially or could be recorded on tape from various spots. Now on the net, it's easy to find rips of rare old LPs and other long forgotten and sometimes forgettable things. So along comes Music for Weirdos, my set of compilations of, well, stuff I like. Yeah, it's heavy on the novelty, outsider, incorrect sort of thing, but I will throw in the occasional oldie, mostly versions you don't hear every day. Each compilation is long enough to be burned onto an audio CD if you choose, and all tracks are numbered so they'll play in the right order in Winamp or your favorite player. I just do these for fun, not for profit or anything like that. So, to start with, a download link for the boxed set of the first four volumes.

Next link is volume 5.

Here's volume 6, the very latest one, completed in early 2009.
and finally, my double-CD-length Christmas spectacular. Makes a great gift and is not soap on a rope.
These are all freshly uploaded to Sendspace as of late July of this year and I don't know if the links are set to expire or not. So far, no downloads just because I haven't advertised these until now. I hope you find these interesting and entertaining.


crummyvision: This is a picture of me, and I believe this was taken at a restaurant. (Default)

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