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I really really really have to restrain myself on days like this where everybody seems to be talking about and upset by various incidents in what we've agreed is called news. I really want to get up on my insufferable annoying know-it-all arrogant high horse and tell people why they should just turn off their news. I know there's no escape from it, but I tell ya what. One thing I dislike about the news is because of its concentration on tragedy it makes one feel utterly helpless and it majorily messes with your perception of reality. I don't know if this is just a byproduct of what people have decided is news or whether there is some grand plan by making us all feel like civilization is going to go splodey in an hour or just feeling utterly hopeless and helpless. Maybe those feelings make you want to buy things. I would really rather not feel like my hands are completely tied or that everything is falling apart. I open my window or I go outside to my front or back yard and there are no shootings, no wars, no economic woes outside of one's own household budget, no toxin of the day, no armies of perverts lurking under every bush and tree. All that is happening way far away, way out of my control.
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