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Wow, was surprised the idea for the next one came so quickly, so here it is.

If only they could see what we're really capable of, then they'd understand!
1. Ah, the if-then-maybe equasion. Given ideal conditions A and B, it will be followed, maybe, if the fates allow, if the four winds blow the right way, when the moon is in the seventh condo, there is the slightest chance that we will acquire ideal outcomes C and D. I know we live in a society full of idealism and where it is encouraged, so all I can say is dream on, little dreamers, dream on.
2. Again we are back to the theme of the sighted as being some grand observer. Let's do this again. They are not looking at us most of the time unless they have to be directly confronted with us or they are curious or are fascinated as to how we function. Outside of that we are aliens, just like people from different cultures or even neighborhoods are aliens.
3. Very simply put, there's more to us than what we do. We are full human beings, not just creatures that do or don't do things, and many people do not even seem to have a sense of who we are as individuals, let alone what we can do. This is the tip of a Titanic-sinking iceberg, and even then ...
4. Our treatment is not about what we personally can or can't do. It is because sighted people are afraid of going blind because they fear the dark, the unknown, and mortality and disability is mortality and vulnerability to them. I guess most of them think they're immortal. This is also what their stereotypes are based on at least partially, their own ideas of what they would be like if it were to happen to them. That's the basis on their whole outlook on blind people. It's not, look at that blind person and what they're doing, it's what if it happened to me, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.
5. Let me make this point. If we put on a show and somebody created an entire planet, including life forms, with nothing but thought energy, duct tape, and one hairpin, people would look upon it and say, "Well, that's amazing for that person because that person is amazing, she exceeds my expectations, but I could never do that kind of thing, I'd kill myself trying to get a beer in the kitchen." People's low expectations of blind people are based on their low expectations of their imaginary self were they to one day be struck blind, which is so amazingly possible that it just happens all the time. So yes, people would be amazed at everything you do, but they would not think they could do such things even if they could.
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In the past I've gone on as many of us have about some of the prevailing attitudes of the sighted towards the disabled and the blind specifically. However, does anyone notice some of the more WTF things we blind people say about one another? This is apparently the elephant in the room so, like probably my last rather dark satire, this might stir controversy.
You see it in social media and message boards all the time. "Why do some blind people do (insert assorted behaviors or terms here?) No wonder sighted people think we're stupid." These assorted actions and words could be calling one another blinks, naming inanimate objects, or any sort of behavior considered un-sighted-like by the asker. There are some mighty huge assumptions here. First, we are assuming that oodles and oodles of sighted people are monitoring our personal on-line interactions to use as amunition against us or as a test to judge our worthiness in sighted society. Do you know and understand and grock how utterly paranoid and self-conscious that is? Here's how I see it. For most people, we are invisible because we're one of many groups that fall so far outside the norm that nobody really gives a damn what we're doing. They've got bills to pay and dinner to make and kids to rush off to school and have no time to monitor our communications or to watch us specifically. So, no, we are not under constant surveillance by the sighted majority.
Second, this assumes that our behavior is the only reason why we are treated the way we are in the public. The general population's primal caveman fear of the dark, the unknown, and going blind has absolutely nothing to do with it and we have total control over how we're treated if only and if only we'd all as a body just stop acting like blind people and act like sighted people with broken eyes like we're all supposed to. Then we'll all get good-looking sighted partners and high-profile jobs and hang out with the cool kids at the cool kids table instead of having to settle for blind partners, take the bus everywhere, and be stuck at the losers' table with the other blind people. LOL!
Third, it's blame the victim. All your problems are entirely your fault. Your behavior, even if it's a little thing, makes people treat you funny, people don't just do it on their own, and it's all your fault and under your complete control.
So there, I've now analyzed my first one. More as they happen.
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It's satire time again, and this time, a nice jagged little pill for those of us who even occasionally seem to hate our own kind, originally posted on the Zone but remixed. Sorry, you'll have to add your own dubstep noises.

Look at them, all of them. The stumbling shambling faceless nameless lot of them. They are the blind, who embody nothing but the absolute worst traits in humankind. They are born of the purest evil that ever existed. Ungrateful, rude, unclean, fat, ugly, stupid, incompetent, undatable, unlovable, boring, having entitlement attitudes, whiners, causers of drama, and besides, they're just not normal! Forget thieves, murderers, those who assault and molest, they are pure as the driven snow compared to these thrice-cursed pieces of human garbage! If you come upon a blind person, do not touch them, do not speak to them, just run away, run as fast as you can, they are agents of Satan himself, every last one of them!

... except for me!
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In today's exercise, we're going to meditate on what the world is coming to, since so many people ask this deep and probing question. Now, for this one, you need to sit in a straightback chair, bolt upright. Now, close your eyes and bow your head as low as you can, like looking at the table or your feet or the floor. Now think of all the reasons why the world isn't the way you want it. Think of how crazy things are and how outrageous people's behavior has become, unlike when you were young and everything was utopia. Oh, I forgot, the background mood-setting stuff. Turn on the news, of course. This will help reinforce what I want you to feel. So your news is on and you're contemplating the utter suckiness of everything. Now, here's the clincher. What about the children! Once you start thinking about that, then it is time to start chanting your mantra. So today's mantra is, "what is this world coming to." Repeat that over and over, and don't forget to listen to your news. Now start worrying if you haven't already started. Now worry. Worry some more. Let all the worries and woes of the world rest on your shoulders. Feeling trapped? Hopeless? Helpless? Useless? Keep worrying, and continue the chant. What is this world coming to. What is this world coming to. What is this world coming to. As you chant and contemplate how we've fallen away from the grand ideal and listen to your news, now be aware of how you feel. Having a goodtime? Would you do it again if the opportunity presented itself? Do you enjoy feeling doomed or like the only sane person amongst weirdos, crazies, terrorists, murderers, and people whose sociopolitical points of view you don't understand who make up dumb laws? Don't forget the children! Still enjoying yourself? OK, if you're not enjoying yourself, cut it out. Stop chanting, turn off your news, let the planet fall off your shoulders, and promise never never never to do this again, ... until the next time!
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These are my thoughts on a particular question we blind folks get asked by assorted people. No, I'm not asking people for their answers to teh question, so no worries about that.

This is probably old hat for many of you reading this, but it's one of these questions we blind people get asked a lot, either by concerned sighted folks or other blind folks who want to perhaps play thought experiment. It's of course the question of the miracle sight-restoring operation and whether we'd take it or not.
Now of course, everybody's mileage is going to vary, but I will not call a person a fool for not going along with my choice because everybody's life and desires are different. My answer to the question, no matter how you dress it up and make allowances and turn it more and more into some huge fantasy is no. The simple answer is that I'm very used to things as they are so why upset things. The longer answer involves a few thoughts.
First, the illusion is that if one is a different sort of person their current set of problems will disappear, making a problem-free life. Now I don't claim expertise on life and how it works, but I don't think it works that-a-way. More likely, yes, that set of problems will disappear to be replaced by a new set customized to that new person you've become.
Second, why should I want something that I have little to no concept of, outside of that most people have it and I don't. Not the best reason for desiring something, especially something drastically life-changing.
Third, I just try not to think of the question or wish it to be so because it encourages one to look at what they are supposedly lacking instead of what's good in the right here and now and to also compare oneself with others. Both of these things encourage great and endless misery, and unlike most people I think I'll opt out of participating in misery-making activities.
Fourth, I do not look at sighted people as the cool kids that I desire to be. What I think of them depends on the person and my encounters with them, but I just don't think I want to be like them.
There've been discussions of this whole scenario where people who choose not to take the operation are called fools for not wanting change. The idea that one can be proud of one's blindness or at least accept that it is what it is has been called a religion. And any of the ideas I've listed above have been laughed away as silly excuses. Despite all that and much as admittedly the idea that I should want eyesight instead of remaining blind might cause me some cognative dissonance, I still stand by my choice. Certainly living as a blind person in a decidedly ableist society is not ideal, but I have to be real here. Nobody's life is ideal. This is why most people are idealists. Me I'd rather try and find the good in right here and now instead of wishing upon hypothetical pipe dreams of assimilation.
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Since there are living, breathing people who still believe that weather phenomena are direct responses as regards human behavior and/or moral choices, instead of silly things like meteorology, let's go there, please.

Dear Humans,
OK, I wanna know who the wise guy was that did not obey the big drum, you know the big drum, the one on the rock in the middle of the island, yeah, that one. Anyhow, the big drum specifically says that every so often each village is supposed to send me a virgin and I will, in turn, being a nice and easy-going sun god and everything, will not send the big wind and the great rains and otherwise make life even more scary and uncomfortable than it already is for you guys down there. It's really really just that simple and I dunno who the hell dropped the ball on this one but he's going to have to be called up to the top of the high mountain where he's going to get a very stern talking-to if you know what I mean. So come on, fess up, who done it this time?
Oh, and one note on those virgins. Something that I think was not interpretted well, since drum language has its limitations. Um, next time you send a virgin, please don't, I repeat, do not kill her. I dunno who the hell told you that sun gods like dead virgins but they're dead wrong, can't do a damn thing with them and after a while, well, it gets mightily unpleasant and I need to get out the Febreeze. So next time, I want the virgins to be alive if you please, and can you find some with some musical talent? Somebody left a guitar and a cello and a harpsichord here and unfortunately I can't carry a tune in a wet paper bag here, and radio hasn't been invented yet or if it is, somehow it's blocked, so please do keep this in mind. Oh, one more thing. Give a hoot, don't pollute, OK?
the Sun God
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Sabrena has decided to get a Dreamwidth account. She's keeping LJ for now since she follows some folks over there, but I set it up for her so that when she posts to DW, it'll crosspost over on LJ unless of course things break over there again. So anyway, if you're on DW and wish to add her, it's

all fixed

Jan. 17th, 2012 05:01 am
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Sometimes, I'm occasionally smart. I seem to have fixed it. Now, what to say next?
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I changed a little something in the e-mail address, so now let me see if this will make it.
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This is mainly for those of you on Livejournal. Now, much as I don't blog very much thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I still enjoy maintaining a blog for the times I need it. Unfortunately, I will be switching over to Dreamwidth permanently as soon as possible. Part of it is that LJ has had problems what with it being unavailable due to cyber-attacks of this sort or another. Not saying DW isn't subject to such, too, but it doesn't seem to be happening as often or at all. But part of it, too, is that it is not fair that I use my Livejournal as just someplace to relay what I write here in DW. If you want to continue reading my posts, even if they don't show up on your LJ friendspage anymore, why not put this address in your bookmarks and go visit once in a while, because since I do a lot on Twitter and sometimes Facebook, I don't know how often I'll blog but it'll be here if I need it. Please bookmark
and if you're curious, why not join DW and see what it's about. People say it looks the way LJ used to before the changes, whenever these changes were.
I hope people aren't too upset and understand why I'm doing this. I'm sure I'll see most of you on Twitter or Facebook if anything.
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I said it before on LJ, but I love the holidays. Yes, I may be one of the only living humans who is not a holiday killjoy. And I just realized part of why I do, since not only am I atheist, but I'm sure many folks could come up with a nice grocery list of reasons why one should hate the holidays.
See, I hear the same complaints aboutthis time of year repeated every year, and it's in a lot of the movies, too. Christmas is too shamelessly commercial. People are hypocrites because they're nice at Christmas and utter trolls the rest of the year. Christmas has lost its meaning, or the other variation, everybody else has forgotten its meaning, but I know what it is. They are all valid points I suppose, but I don't let any of that get me down or any of the other assorted holiday gripes. I discovered a common thread with these gripes. Ideals. People have certain ideas about how Christmas ought to be, and they look at reality and see how it's lacking in these ideas and so they lament the sad state of everything. I guess I lack in these ideal visions, because I guess for me Christmas hasn't changed much over the years. So yeah, there was never a time in my life where Christmas wasn't commercial, and to pick over whether it is more now than it was I think is splitting hairs. As for hypocrisy, I tend to believe we all are hypocrites to a point just by our nature. People are very complicated and very inconsistent, so I'm sure we've all had to play the hypocrite now and then. Yes, there's a difference between those who are once-in-a-while hypocrites and others who make it a lifestyle and standard operating procedure, but again, splitting hairs, OK, so what. True meaning of Christmas? I suppose you could say there was such a thing if you still think Christmas is a strictly Christian celebration, but there are so many aspects of the holiday that aren't Christian and that are secular that make it more a tradition than a religious day, so we all give it whatever meaning we wish to. Like lots of things, there's not one meaning hiding under a rock somewhere waiting to be discovered.
I have no particular religious or political leanings that suggest that my way of doing Christmas should be the default way of doing things and any opposing points of view should just stay silent and stop ruining things for the majority. When I say Merry Christmas, it is nothing more than the sincere happy wish it is. It is not a battle cry. And yeah, my family probably only gave token nods to religion but it was always merry Christmas with us. Do I think everyone should say it or else they're meanies? Again, nope, and if I knew people who did not celebrate Christmas but did something else or nothing at all, I would say something different.
OK, looks like I just hit the word wall, so I'm out of words and out of thoughts. Hopefully there weren't too many huge holes in what I just said that make me look silly.
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Here's a gingerbread cookie recipe, by request. I made these, and this included rolling and cutting the dough into shapes.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

¼ cup soft shortening
½ cup sugar
½ cup light molasses
¼ cup water
2 and ½ cups of flour
¾ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon baking soda
¾ teaspoon of ginger
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon of allspice
Colored crystallized sugar for decorating

Mix the shortening and the sugar thoroughly. Mix in the molasses and water. In a separate bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients except for the crystallized sugar. Add slowly to the molasses mixture. Mix and chill covered for 2 to 3 hours. Take the dough out and roll out on a floured board. Roll out to a 1/8 inch thickness and cut out shapes using a cookie cutter. Sprinkle with crystallized sugar. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet. Bake for 7 to 9 minutes until golden brown. You can also omit the crystallized sugar and frost the cookies after they are baked instead.
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I'm familiar with the idea of the guilty pleasure, although I don't always understand the concept. OK, if you dig something, why the guilt? But is there such a thing as a guilty displeasure? That is, something you know is very popular and otherwise highly revered, but you know if you dared publicly state you disliked the music or the whatever in question, you would either be taken down a few pegs in the respect department, get flamed and unfriended if you did it on-line, or otherwise cause assorted flavors of discontent in your fellow Earthlings. I wonder if I should test the waters and state one of mine.
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Since what I'm about to post is of a religious nature, and since it's a mite bit on the irreverent side, in order to read this, you'll want to go behind the following pretty little cut, and hopefully I'll do it right here in Dreamwidth and it'll translate over to LJ in the repost. If not, you've been warned.

Read more... )
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Legend has it that the Old Man of the Mountain has rare and secret wisdom that is worthy of all the people of the world to hear. The problem is, and of course this is according to legends, that he's hard to get to, what with him being a hermit and wanting to be all isolated and everything. So, your humble host went on an arguous and trying quest in order to fetch such wisdom and bring it to you, the naive, the ignorant, and yes, even the gullible who will surely shower me with great praise and take me out for fancy coffee drinkies and imported chocolates.
So, on the quest I went. I climbed the city walls, although why I lived in a walled city even eludes me. I ran through the damn fields, until I slipped and fell into something, um, yuck, let's not talk about that, please. After freezing myself in a pond trying to wash the yuck off, I soon found the great foreboding mountain, which of course, I climbed, because what do you do with a mountain but climb it, yes, if not go around it or fly over it? Well, I climbed, and soon I came upon the cave where I knew the Old Man of the Mountain dwelled, wait, is it dwelled or dwelt. Oh, heck with it, the old guy lived there! Right, so in I went and I found him and asked him if I would please have a bit of his wisdom. He looked at me, he rose up on one elbow, he propped himself up, looked at me again, and he said this.
"Dag nabbit! You damn city slickers better git off'n my land before I shoot your ass full o' lead! Now git!"
And yeah, I got. And there is the great wisdom from the Old Man of the Mountain.
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Let me start with this thing, which I'm pasting from Urban Dictionary. If you've ever seen the phrase "Do Not Want!" written by somebody in a chat or Twitter or Facebook or something, this is its origin.

Used to indicate that one does not want to see, hear, know, or have anything to do with something. Used for comic effect.

Originates from an alleged, bad English-to-Chinese-to-English translation of Star Wars Episode III. In the end, Darth Vader's infamous "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" is subtitled "DO NOT WANT!"
"Check it out guys, naked photos of Donald Rumsfeld!"


Now, onto more serious things. I think in recent weeks, I've decided to be a little more honest and firm about my philosophical beliefs and have decided to brand myself as atheist instead of agnostic. I hope this news doesn't make the religious amongst my readers run in terror or anything. You know me, I'm all hippie laid-back and cuddly as a teddy bear, so despite any hype generated by religious leaders, blog posters, and the collective membership of Rapture Ready, I'm not out to get anybody, destroy anything, take over anything or whatever evil nastiness I'm supposed to be involved in. I guess being agnostic was fine when I was a little more wishy-washy in my point of view, but more and more I'm just convinced that it's more fitting to call myself atheist now. However, I'm not interested in debating anyone. I'm not interested in changing anyone's mind or proving them wrong, because I understand that just because something doesn't make sense to me doesn't mean it's no good for anybody. Live and let live and all that.
Let's see. I've been getting some DVDs on Netflix, and decided to get hold of one of the classic Doctor Who story arcs, the Key To Time. I've ripped the audio to most of them for later listening, but for some reason the DVD I got today won't rip properly so I'm having to just watch it. I've also been collecting assorted volumes of series like Family Guy and American Dad. I also need to get volumes 3 and 4 of Robot Chicken eventually.
Nothing new in the gizmo front, although I did get a new MP3 CD boombox as the Coby one I had was starting to act flaky and do a lot of lagging about before trying to even find tracks on the CDs. This one is made by Naxa, and not only does it play MP3 CDs and standard CDs but it also has slots that'll handle a flash drive or an SD card. Not too bad.
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I'm sure many of you have already downloaded, heard, and acted upon these compilations I've done, but this is in case you haven't. I made some compilations of music I found here and there. Used to do that all the time in the days of the double cassette boombox and even before when I had only a stereo with a turntable and cassette and had to do each one by scratch. Of course, those comps were limitted either to anything that could be found commercially or could be recorded on tape from various spots. Now on the net, it's easy to find rips of rare old LPs and other long forgotten and sometimes forgettable things. So along comes Music for Weirdos, my set of compilations of, well, stuff I like. Yeah, it's heavy on the novelty, outsider, incorrect sort of thing, but I will throw in the occasional oldie, mostly versions you don't hear every day. Each compilation is long enough to be burned onto an audio CD if you choose, and all tracks are numbered so they'll play in the right order in Winamp or your favorite player. I just do these for fun, not for profit or anything like that. So, to start with, a download link for the boxed set of the first four volumes.

Next link is volume 5.

Here's volume 6, the very latest one, completed in early 2009.
and finally, my double-CD-length Christmas spectacular. Makes a great gift and is not soap on a rope.
These are all freshly uploaded to Sendspace as of late July of this year and I don't know if the links are set to expire or not. So far, no downloads just because I haven't advertised these until now. I hope you find these interesting and entertaining.
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Now, I forget whether these ads are on radio or TV, but they're for this new Five Hour Energy concoction, and their claim is this stuff is either better than or an alternative to coffee. I know my readers are mixed on the coffee thing as to whether they love it or loathe it, but here's one thing I think can be pointed out in coffee's favor. Coffee is not just about the caffeine, it's a social drink, same as tea or even hot chocolate can be or some cold drinks. You can't really have much socialization with the five hour energy thing because it comes in this tiny bottle. A couple of sips and you're done, bottle is tossed and on you go with whatever you're doing. That sort of thing is a more solitary pursuit, something to gulp down at the desk or whilst in transit. You can't really socialize with such a brief experience, but with coffee or tea or a Coke or an alcoholic beverage, that seems more social I guess because there's more of it in the serving. I may be wrong but this is how I see it.
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Still just testing things in DW to see how they work. As time goes on I'm sure I'll learn the ropes. If this works you should be seeing this both on DW and on LJ, and yes, I'm keeping my LJ for now. Still working on importing my LJ entries and it says my stuff's still in the cue, or is that queue, but anyhow, wherever it is it's still being worked on.
So, let's see. I haven't spoken of Seattle's weather much as I just tend not to talk about it all that much, but it's been quite nice, not too hot or cold and seems it'll be this way for most of the week so far.
The Ginger_Biscuit and I went to a Greek restaurant, in fact, was the same one we went to for her birthday. I decided to have everything she had, although I decided to have something different than the avgolemono soup which is wonderful. It was nice to just go out and eat without friends or Alex along. We were both quite full when we got home though.
I was just looking on one of my fave CD shopping sites, CD Connection. I wanted to see what all was available by Ray Stevens. It's amazing how many best-of sets there are of his stuff out there, but with a career that's spanned decades, he's had different contracts with different record companies, so all of them want a piece of the pie since he's a recognized name. The problem, though, is if you ever want to do a comprehensive compilation of his work, cross-licensing is probably going to cause a stack of quadrophonic headaches. One way around this, and this is what Stevens did to I'm sure mixed reactions, is to just go back, pick all your tunes, and re-record the lot. So you'd get all his hits and other picks, but they'd all be current recordings and not the originals. Like I said, it's not an ideal solution but it beats having to hammer things out with who knows how many different record companies to get permission to assemble all the original tracks.
Yes, I know, I'm a nerd, I think about such things. Why? So you don't have to, that's why. LOL!
Right, so I think this should do for not only a cross-posting test thingie but an actual entry with stuff in it.
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So like others on my friendspage I've decided to go play with Dreamwidth. I'm CrummyVision over there if you want to check it out or if you have your own DW and want to add me to your circle. I need to still poke around and see what all I can do with a freebie account and will also soon set up crossposting so I can write in my DW blog and have it relayed over here. I'm not leaving LJ outright as of yet as I still have lots of friends here, but if the attacks and downtime continue to happen, it may mean I will delete this blog I've had since all of 2003 and convert completely to DW. Time, as they say, will tell that particular story. So yeah, go look for CrummyVision over there. Not sure if us freeloaders are given invite codes to hand out, but if I have any I'd be willing to give people codes if they also want to go play over there. I still don't know how much I'll post since I seem to be more active on Facebook and Twitter, but I do like playing with blogs. Think of Dreamwidth as similar to LJ back around 2004 before the ad frames and Flash junk was implemented.


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