Apr. 13th, 2014

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So according to this here quiz

I got only 20 points out of 300 items I had to check if I had done them. This means by the household definition, which I'm pretty sure this quiz follows, I'm not a geek, nerd, or other such creature, not much of one. Now I feel different. I do think I'm a nerd, I'm just very self-styled, I make up my own definition, because I'm sure as hell not a trendy fashion victim either. I think part of it is the blindness thing. Unless you've got lots of sighted geek friends with lots of time on their hands, are very patient, and think you're good enough to hang with them, your access to comic books, video games and RPGs are going to either be very limited or just not exist in the case of mainstream video games.
Part of the stereotype of the geek in my mind is a socially awkward introverted person, kind of like me. And yet, a lot of geek culture is about fandom and doing fan things with bunches of other fans at conventions. OK, I love Harry Potter and Star Trek and the Dark Tower and sometimes the Tolkien universe, but I guess I don't love any of it enough to adorn myself with tattoos of the given symbology, memorize volumes of trivia, speak fictional languages or any of that other stuff. You see where this is going to go? Real geeks would beat me up and steal my lunch money or a similar symbolic act. So, I pretty much live on my own planet in my form of geekery. I've got my DVD collection and old-time radio and all the weirdo music and whatever else strikes my fancy. I'm a damn square peg even amongst geeks and nerds, the former outcasts of society. Good thing or bad thing is up to you, o gentle reader, to decide.


crummyvision: This is a picture of me, and I believe this was taken at a restaurant. (Default)

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